Throwback Thursday.  My Old 86 Camaro Linette aka the Batmobile.

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Matte Orange Camaro

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One of the Gen 2 Camaros that competed in the autocross

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That guy gawking at that Camaro pretty much sums up the Good Guys Car Show.

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Muscle car wars circa 1985.  

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What could have been.  ”The Bandit” Trans AM customized from the New Gen Camaro.

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Time for some car porn.  1970 Z28 Camaro.

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Sometimes I miss the sound of my sweet Linette, with her four barrel small block 305. I’m sorry we had to part ways and I wish I could’ve kept you. But it was only a matter of time and we knew this from the very beginning. You were my first love and I will always remember and cherish our times together. Though I’ve found someone else that’s younger and faster, you will always be in my heart and mind…

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